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Flower Power

Flower Power












Today drained me. We had Logan’s allergist appointment to find out if the emergency room visit was caused by the eggs. After some back pricks, we got confirmation he is allergic to eggs. Good news is that a lot of children outgrow these allergies. Our plan now is to avoid eggs for the next year and then have allergy testing again. If he is still allergic, we will do controlled allergy testing to see if he can tolerate eggs that have been exposed to higher temperatures. I have a jr epi pen that I carry around now and thankful to have these for any future allergy scares.

My Everly dress above is sold out but I linked some other Everly dresses in the same silhouette below. I got my dress from Nordstrom and it was under $50! My necklace is Kendra Scott. If you haven’t heard of Rocksbox it is an unlimited jewelry rental service. They charge $19 a month, you receive three pieces at a time and have unlimited swaps. If you would like to try¬†Rocksbox, use code BLONDEGIRAFFEXOXO at checkout to receive your first month free.

In my first Rocksbox, I received two necklaces and a pair of earrings. One of the necklaces I tagged as liking while the other two items were picked by a stylist. I ended up only liking the necklace above chosen by the stylist. You have the option to purchase anything out of the box if you want to. I ended up sending everything back in my first box. I received by second box today and I love all three pieces. I credit the feedback I gave after the first box describing why I did or didn’t like something for getting three pieces I love. I might even purchase one of the items I received today!


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