Friday Fitness Fashion

Friday Fitness Fashion

Friday Fitness Fashion

I love workout clothes that are of high quality, fit well and are comfortable. Lululemon has been my go-to brand for the past few years. I am starting to branch out and try some brands with more edgy looks. I have been eyeing some pieces from Splits59 for a while. During their last website sale, I decided to pull the trigger. I love everything I bought. Now I have all the below new arrivals on my wish list.

My Favorite Looks from the Splits59 New Arrivals:

Sharing some pictures of my first Splits59 purchase below – the Nova Trailblazer Performance Capri II. I bought a few Ashby tanks and they have been great for my growing belly. The fit is longer and one of the only workout tops I will be able to wear until after baby Logan gets here. The prices are a little on the high side. I do think the quality is well worth it. Keep an eye out for their website sale and you can rack up on cute workout gear for a really good price. My first purchases were all sales items!




Now off to meet a friend downtown for lunch. Excited for a weekend of Seafair activities in Seattle!

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