Global Running Day

Global Running Day

Global Running Day

Today is Global Running Day! I plan to lace up my Brooks running shoes and head out for a run. My run today will be on a track with a stroller. Now if only I can figure out if it’s best to hold the stroller with one hands or two hands? Run to the side or right behind the stroller? I spend most of my runs now changing hands, running on one side then the middle of the stroller and then the other side. So indecisive!



Little man is only crawling right now so he will enjoy his first Global Running Day in the stroller. Next year though I might have trouble keeping up with him!

DSC_4812 (1)




Brooks Hoodie // Lululemon Shorts // Brooks Running Shoe

How are you celebrating today?? Get out and go run!! Check out here for other ways to celebrate with Brooks. I have my bib and I am ready to run!!

Brooks is also announcing the results of their 2016 Global Run Happy Report. The survey polled runners across the country. See below for some #runhappy results.


2 thoughts on “Global Running Day

  1. Nancy Lee Williams

    Hi Sarah,
    Do you like Queen? Their Greatest Hits album is the highest selling album of all time in England. The 1985
    Live Aid concert of Queen’s part has been voted over and over best live rock act ever. Also children seem to like Queen.
    You have to watch this little toddler and Queen:

    Enjoying your blog and your taste in clothing. I lived in Gig Harbor in the early 80’s and your dad’s parents came out to visit for several weeks. They loved it out there! I took them everywhere. I make jewelry, would you like something? It’s all beaded things, give me a color choice or send photos of things you like. I copied a necklace from Sundance that looks like your earrings except for the top of the earrings. I will see if the photo is still available.
    Ciao, Nancy

    1. theblondegiraffe Post author

      It means a lot you read my blog! Mom mentioned you lived in Gig Harbor. We haven’t had a chance to visit there yet but it’s on my list. That’s awesome you are making jewelry now. I love everything with tassels on it right now!

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