Recycle, Reuse & Reinvigorate

Recycle, Reuse & Reinvigorate

Recycle, Reuse & Reinvigorate








One thing I learned while pregnant was to get creative with my wardrobe. I didn’t buy many maternity items during pregnancy. One thing I did do was turn many of my dresses into tops. Don’t worry Mom, this is not my way of announcing I am pregnant again. Anyone that knows me really well knows I like my short shorts. I wear shorts anytime I get the chance. Now if only this Seattle weather will warm back up to summer temperatures.

Tonight was my first day back to an actual Pilates only studio. Since we moved further north, I decided to find a studio near the house. Working out at home has been nice and I will continue this but there is something I love about class settings. I plan to take at least one class each week at a studio. That will be my ME time. I was impressed with this studio and excited to take another class Friday evening.

I start teaching my first official weekly Pilates class next Friday. I have been attending the class the past few weeks and testing out the daycare situation with Logan. Logan is wiped out after his time in daycare.

We are halfway to Friday people!!!! As a Mom trying to juggle multiple projects, I don’t seem to ever know the difference in a Monday and Saturday though.

If you like my necklace, it’s from the jewelry rental company Rocksbox. Don’t forget, if you would like to try Rocksbox, use code BLONDEGIRAFFEXOXO at checkout to receive your first month free!!

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