The bump days are numbered…

The bump days are numbered…

The bump days are numbered…

Dress // Shoes // Bag

Tomorrow is the official two week countdown to my due date! I’ve mentioned on here before how the first part of this pregnancy was tougher than my first. I felt sick more and the exhaustion was tougher to deal with in my first trimester this second pregnancy. Fast forward to the last month and I feel better this second time around. My heartburn isn’t as bad, the sleep has been better and the official waddle hasn’t set in completely. Now, I just pray the delivery is easier this time around 🙂

Knowing this might be my last pregnancy, I will really miss my bump. Of course, I can’t wait for our son to join us but there is something special about being pregnant. I will miss feeling those ninja kicks and nightly parties in my belly.  Sharing a few bump photos today in the dress I plan to wear home from the hospital. I won’t be wearing heels leaving the hospital and probably won’t look this put together. This non-maternity dress will be a comfy wear home look.

It has become hard to find the time to post regularly on the blog. Once baby #2 arrives, I know that will become even harder. Sharing some snaps from the past week. Ryan took a few days off this weekend and we even got some kid free time at our friends’ wedding. You know you don’t get away much when you come home and your husband says “I feel like we were on vacation today.”



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