The Second Time & Dressing the Bump

The Second Time & Dressing the Bump

This post is mostly my thoughts on working out and buying clothes for that second pregnancy.

Everyone tells you all pregnancies are different and after living through another first trimester, I can tell you they are right. I didn’t get this sick with Logan. The sickness feeling comes in waves but has been so bad that I basically didn’t work out for two months. I listened to my body and glad that I did. My focus was on doing more activities with Logan like going to the park and adding in more stroller walks since I wasn’t working out. I did run some but it was for mostly short distances. This week I started back Pilates and barre. I complete my Pilates workouts at home and started going to barre3. They have childcare so that makes them the best! Seriously though, after only a few classes I can tell my muscle tone is returning. The workout is a mix between barre, Pilates and yoga. Overall, it’s a great workout and perfect for expectant mothers. Let the instructor know if you are pregnant so they can show you modifications on the core series depending on how far along you are.


As the bump continues to grow, getting dressed becomes harder. When I was pregnant with Logan, my belly was the biggest during the summer so it was easy to wear a lot of dresses. I didn’t invest in any maternity jeans and I used the bellaband on all my existing shorts and pants. However, this pregnancy I will be investing in one or two pairs of maternity jeans. Last pregnancy, that last month using the bellaband on my pants was not comfortable.

Non-Maternity Sweaters that you can wear through Pregnancy

For tops, I will try not to buy many maternity specific items and focus more on oversized tops and sweaters. Some of these favorites will be tunic length now but will slowly get shorter as the bump fills them in. Target and A Pea in the Pod have great maternity selections.

Maternity Jeans

Maternity Basics

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