Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday was catch up day! I started my morning off with a green smoothie and spent the morning doing a little more research on getting my personal training certification. By the afternoon, I made my decision to go with the certification through NASM. I am hoping to study and be ready to take the exam before our little one arrives in two months but I am not going to pressure myself to make this deadline. They give you 180 days to sign up to take the certification exam so I will have some time after Logan arrives to finish up studying if needed.  My plan is not to get regular Pilates teaching jobs until after Logan arrives and getting my personal training license will only open up my teaching options and improve my knowledge of the body to help all my future clients.

I finally got to make it to tennis last night. It’s been over a month since I’ve played and it was good to see my tennis friends and catch up.  We played at Mount Baker park and then went to Mioposto Pizzeria for wine and apps.  It was lemon water for me and no food. My heartburn is out of control lately when I eat late so I passed on the food. The pizza looked amazing and it was a super cute neighborhood restaurant. I want to go back and actually eat something next time!

I had my 31 week doctor appointment this morning and everything seems to being going well. The appointments now are easy — I have my belly measured, check the heartbeat and the doctor answers any questions. My doctor helped me figure out what parts of Logan’s body were where in my belly this morning. He is head down and quite the kicker!



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