Weekend Recap: New Beginnings

Weekend Recap: New Beginnings

Weekend Recap: New Beginnings

“There are no endings, only new beginnings”

It was a packed weekend for me.  On Sunday, I finished an intensive 4 month classical pilates teacher certification course. Minus the fact I have to wait and test out on some of the technique portion since I’m 31 weeks pregnant, the teaching & written assessments are now completed! I plan to do a more in depth post about my Pilates training experience later.  I am excited, thankful and feel inspired that I am on the path to creating a career in fitness. This is only the beginning & thankful to have shared the process and learned so much from our teacher and the other students in my training.


Posing for a quick photo on the cadillac with our flowers after Sunday afternoon assessments.



Friday night after Pilates, we headed out to Seattle Tennis Club to watch some tennis. It was a packed house with some former pro players playing in exhibition matches. Ryan has worked here since we moved out to Seattle and he is planning to continue teaching on Sundays in addition to working at his new legal job. The club is located right on Lake Washington with amazing views. It was quite the happening place on Friday night.


Saturday night, we went over to our friends Scott & Courtney’s place to watch the Sounders game.


Ryan and I finished our weekend Sunday afternoon at Madison Park Beach. Only about 5 minutes from our house, it was nice to relax by the water to finish off the weekend.



I am now recovering from the packed weekend but super excited to have Level 1 Pilates training behind me and thankful for the fun time I was able to sneak in this weekend with Ryan and friends.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: New Beginnings

  1. Heather

    Congratulations! I am not surprised the testing went well. You are an awesome Pilates instructor! Can’t wait to sign up for some of your mat classes in the future.

    1. theblondegiraffe Post author

      thanks Heather!!! I’m going to take this week off but plan to start up teaching again next week! Keep you posted!!

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