When Friends Become Family

When Friends Become Family

When Friends Become Family


Living miles away from your family is tough. It’s even tougher once you add children to the equation. My friend Gina shared this article last week about what it’s like not having family on call. It was a really good read and I might have shed a few tears.

We love Seattle and the life we have created here. The longer we live here, the more it feels like home. For once, we really feel like we are living where we belong. The only downside about living here is being away from our family and all the perks that come along with that.

The longer we live here, the closer we become with our friends. For us, these friends start to become our family. They become that network of people we rely on for so much. Each city we have lived in we have made friends that are now family. When Logan turned one, two of my best friends flew out for a long weekend. These girls are the sisters I never had. We all worked together in our first real jobs out of college in Charlotte, North Carolina. Not only did we work 40+ hours a week in cubicles together, we chose to spend almost all our free time together. I could count on these girls for anything.


Fast forward to the present – Roxy lives in New York City, Kristin resides in Dallas and I live far away in Pacific Northwest. Since we all have busy schedules, it’s a blessing if we get together once a year. This doesn’t mean we don’t still have our fair share of group texting and wine Skype dates on a regular basis. The second we are in the same place, it’s like our lives are all in the same city again. The weekend they were here could not have been more perfect. We visited downtown Seattle, dined at some of our favorite places, attempted a hike, watched the sunset at Golden Gardens with a bonfire and there was a lot of catching up at home. These girls are my family and I’m blessed they are in my life.





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  1. Lee

    As an east coast native, but former Gig Harbor, Washington resident, I thoroughly enjoyed “When Friends Become Family.” Yes, I felt a long way from “home” while living out there. And honestly, I felt further away than when I lived in England. So glad you challenged yourself to leave your roots behind. Betting your grandparents, who I knew well, would be extremely proud of you.

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