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I am a wife, Mom, Pilates Instructor and NASM certified Personal Trainer. I am a fitness lover, fashion obsessed native North Carolinian focused on living an exciting & healthy lifestyle. I am a dreamer & believer.

I spent my childhood and teen years always being active. Team sports took up most of my active time: basketball, soccer, and volleyball. During college, I was more concerned with my social life than taking care of my health. After college, I entered the corporate world of retail buying and spent my time working & living for the weekends. In 2009, I moved cross-country to Tucson, Arizona to be with my husband while he attended law school. During my time in Tucson, I developed a love for living a healthy lifestyle. We moved back to North Carolina after my husband graduated & I worked in buying for a southern department store chain in Charlotte.  Almost two years later, we packed up again & moved back to the west coast where we currently reside in Seattle.

I don’t like to write but I do like to document my life. Life is about making memories right? My life motto: Be Present and enjoy the little things.  I created this blog as a creative outlet to document my adventures in life.




9 thoughts on “about me

  1. Juan Jose Lagos

    If I’m ever in Seatle I would love to do a family session as my gratitude to you, your brother and your parents. You guys welcomed me as if you knew me for a long time even though I could barely communicate haha! That meant a lot to me and even though we never built or kept a friendship, I still consider you and your family as part of my family.

    Great blog! Keep up the good work.

    1. theblondegiraffe Post author

      Those are such kind words!! I still have my Honduras bracelet you brought back to me! You are welcome to visit us in Seattle anytime. Seattle is such a beautiful city. I love keeping up with you through your amazing photos!!

      1. Juan Jose Lagos

        I have forgotten about that. Wow! That’s awesome!
        You are welcome to have any if you ever want one copy. Psh! For free! 😉

  2. Lynn Ray Wisecarver

    Sarah? Some of those lessons from my yearbook class must have left a mark. Congrats on the blog. You are a wonderful writer!!

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