Arizona Life

Arizona Life

Arizona Life

Never say never —- When Ryan graduated law school at the University of Arizona, we moved back to North Carolina. I told him I would never move back to the desert. After a few years in North Carolina and a four year detour in Seattle we are back in Arizona!

Life has changed a lot for our family in the last month. We left the beautiful Pacific Northwest behind for Arizona. It’s been really hot since we arrived but I know Arizona is a great fit for our family lifestyle. Most of the year, we will spend our days outside. Our outdoor time has been limited to the morning hours and being in the pool with the heat but the cool down is coming.

The Seattle house is on the market and we are anxiously waiting for it to sell so we can get into the market here in Phoenix. We will miss this home and all the memories. We are in our rental until late November so hopefully we can find a house soon. Fingers crossed everything works out with timing.

Our road trip down to Phoenix was quite the adventure. My parents followed us in their RV with the dogs. It was a long and exhausting few days but I can’t thank my parents enough for the help.

As most of you know, we moved here for Ryan’s job. He is the Director of Tennis at a health club. “Daddy’s work” as Logan calls it has become our home away from home. Logan loves the childcare and going swimming at daddy’s work. Logan turned three this weekend and I seriously can’t believe we will have a 3 year old. Logan loves his new life in the desert. He is in a Spanish immersion preschool two days a week and it’s crazy how much he has picked up on in a month. His favorite Spanish words are grande and hola. Mason is still my chill little one and started taking some steps a few weeks ago. He loves to copy everything Logan does and they are starting to play together well. Mason doesn’t ever stop eating — like ever! If you eat anything in front of him, plan on sharing it or he will get upset.

I am not currently teaching Pilates and taking this time to really focus on my family. I’ve stayed really active since we moved. I play tennis once a week, treadmill run three times a week, spin class once a week and Pilates three times a week. I’m also trying out some of the classes the Village health clubs offer like barre and yoga to mix it up. Logan is in swim lessons and I hope to get both boys swimming on their own soon.




I haven’t been as active on Instagram or my website since we moved but I plan to keep sharing my life on this space. Thanks to each and every person that reads my website and likes /comments on my Instagram. It really means so much to me!



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    Looks like Arizona will be a good fit for your active family. Enjoy the sunshine. Good luck selling your Seattle home. It is lovely and sure that you will have wonderful memories from living there.

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