From Baby Bump to Life with Two


It’s hard to believe we have been a family of four for over two weeks. These maternity photos at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival are extra special because I realize it might be the last time I’m rocking a baby bump. We are undecided if we want to have another child but I’m thinking two might be all I can handle. The past two days I have been solo watching the boys for the first time and holy struggles. I’m covered in spit up, haven’t brushed my teeth or hair today, ate lunch standing up over the sink while yelling “no Logan” about 1000 times as he threw half his lunch on the floor. Then I spent half of Logan’s nap time nursing Mason. Thank goodness my best friend from North Carolina is ordering us dinner to be delivered tonight because dinner prep would be an extra struggle today.

I really should be cleaning up that disaster kitchen, making my bed or doing laundry but I decided to devote a little time to writing on this space. Self care is so important and self care can mean something different to everyone. For me, it means taking time to write on my blog and create content because this is what makes me happy right now. It also includes eating healthy and soon it will include working out. Motherhood is tough and we are all just trying to do the best. It is important to remember to find what self care you need in your life and make sure you get at least thirty minutes of that a day or find a way to multitask it into something else you are already doing. I am not sure how fitness will fit into my new life when I’m cleared to work out again but I will find a way to prioritize it each day.

I don’t have as much free time with two to be as active on social media but I will still be updating this space and Instagram as much as possible. I have a birth story coming soon to the blog!

Thanks to ShopPinkBlush for this gorgeous maternity gown! 

Motherhood Thoughts

Mother’s Day will be extra special this year. Mason decided to join us ten days ago to make us a family of four. It’s been a crazy ten days but I’ve been blessed to have my parents in town to help with the transition of taking care of two kids. Reality is slowly sinking in as they prepare to leave on Monday.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share a few thoughts on motherhood. I always knew I wanted kids but it was hard to imagine how much a child can really change and impact your life. I had no idea I was capable of loving like this and feel so blessed God has chosen me to be the Mother of these two boys.  I can’t wait to see these brothers grow up together and the bond I’m hoping they will have.

Motherhood has taught me so much in less than two years. It’s taught me patience, how to operate on little sleep and how to live in the moment. Being a mom is all about wearing multiple hats and multitasking.  Some days all I want is for the clock to strike bedtime as I try to cook, clean and keep a child entertained to avoid a meltdown. These are the days I need to remind myself the days go by quickly and I don’t need to wish them grown. Enjoy the days, even the crazy ones!

A few months ago, Ryan and I had a conversation about what we hoped our children would be like. Growing up in a world with social media, I plan to teach them the importance of connecting with friends and family in real life and not just over an iPhone or computer screen.  I grew up with my Mom cooking almost every night and eating dinner as a family. Family dinners together without devices will be important to me. As a blogger, I love social media and have made so many friends through it. However, it’s important to take time away from that world and remember to live in the real world and the moment. Ryan and I also talked about how we hoped our boys will also be kind and compassionate. We live in a world with too many people judging others. Speaking of being kind and as a KIND snacks ambassador, I wanted to share how you can help vote for the limited edition KIND bar through their Raise the Bar contest. Anyone can vote here and the winning flavor will be announced in June. 1000 people who vote for the winning flavor will get some bars sent their way. After 9 months without a cocktail, I’m pretty sure I will be casting my vote for Sangria!

Wish me luck as my parents’ RV pulls out Monday morning!

Thanks so much to Jenna for capturing these special photos of my 41 week bump and Logan! Logan is not the easiest to capture on camera!!

Photography by Jenna Lynn Photog

Dress from Shop Rollick

Makeup by @makeupyoubeautiful

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival has been on my Seattle bucket list since I saw photos last year. Fields of tulips for miles and miles and it is truly magical.  The festival is designed as a driving tour and the fields are scattered throughout the beautiful Skagit Valley just about an hour north of Seattle. Since I didn’t take maternity photos with Logan, I wanted to take some in the fields this year. I just needed this baby not to come early since tulip season is dependent on how long the cold weather hangs around and the blooming season is short lived. We had a colder winter so I knew the tulips were going to bloom later this year.  I am happy to say, I made it. Today is my due date and Mason is still keeping us in suspense.

There are two main display gardens: Tulip Town and Roozengarde. Both charge $7 for admission, have free parking and open at 9am. Per advice from Northwest Healthy Mama, we opted for Roozengarde. I would highly recommend it. They offer up-to-date bloom maps here. If you are able to go on a weekday, the fields are less crowded but can still have quite the crowd. We arrived when they opened right at 9am and were surprised by how many people were already there. The display gardens in the front were beautiful photo opps. If you want photos there, take them early because the crowds near the entrance make it impossible to get photos without others in them as time passes. Don’t forget to wear your rain boots! It hadn’t rained for several days before we went and the fields were still muddy. Be prepared to hike a little out to the fields but strollers are fine to take out. Just be prepared to deal with some mud cleanup.:)

We were able to use our credit card for admission but everything I read said to take cash. My advice is to have cash in case you need it. The tulip fields are kid friendly but be sure to bring an extra pair of clothes for muddy kids. While they had snacks for sale at Roozengarde, there is always the quaint waterfront town of LaConner close by with plenty of eating options.

I think this might be a new annual family tradition! I want to send an extra thanks to Molly for taking all these amazing photos, Ryan for being our boomerang go-to and my parents for bringing their RV for wardrobe changes and a lunch spot.





Thanks to PinkBlush for the gorgeous fuchsia maternity gown!





All Things Fitness for Baby #2

Sweatshirt // Tank // Bra // Leggings // Shoes (similar)


I am only a few days out from my due date and feel blessed I have been able to be active this entire pregnancy. I wanted to share a quick overview of how my workouts changed through this pregnancy. Remember, this is my personal experience. As a certified personal trainer, I advise you to listen to your own body and reach out to a fitness professional if you have any specific questions regarding prenatal fitness.

I started to modify my workouts at around 20 weeks. I remember my first pregnancy being so confused on what exercises I could and couldn’t do. I never wanted to push myself because I was scared it would impact the baby. This pregnancy I felt more confident in my fitness routine. I credit that to being more educated. Before pregnancy, most of my cardio was from running. Running is convenient cardio for a mama to complete with your kids in a stroller. I stopped running pretty early in my third trimester because it just didn’t feel good.

Barre and Pilates were my main workouts through this entire pregnancy. I attended Barre3 2-3 times a week and always felt amazing when I left. Barre3 offers childcare which meant I didn’t have to use nap time or get up extra early for my barre workouts. As a fitness professional, I am aware of how I needed to modify the core exercises but don’t be scared to ask the instructor. They will always have prenatal modifications for you. I practiced Pilates from home 3-4 times a week. My advice if you want to practice Pilates throughout pregnancy is to find a studio that offers a prenatal specific class or make sure the studio knows you are expecting before signing up for group Pilates classes. So many of the classical exercises do need to be modified for later in pregnancy and you want to make sure the instructor is aware.

Brooks Running:  Jacket // Bra // Tank // Leggings // Shoes


I don’t like buying a lot of maternity clothes just for pregnancy. The good news is there is so much activewear you can wear for pregnancy and beyond. Sharing my favorites below:

Photography by Jenna Lynn Photog

Skull Twinning & Only Child Days

My Outfit: Skull Tee / Tank / Leggings / Running Shoes   //  Logan’s Outfit: Sweatshirt (similar) / Joggers / Shoes

Logan will be 19 months soon and has no idea that he is about to have a little brother.  When I ask where Mason is, he sometimes points to my belly and sometimes his. Even though he is clueless, I am so excited to see how he reacts when Mason Hawke arrives.

I am trying to cherish these last few days of one on one time with Logan. If only the weather would stay dry and warmer, we would spend even more time outside.

Thanks to Terez for the providing the cutest skull top. Check out all their amazing workout gear here. They have the best print leggings!




I am super excited to share that I am now a KIND® Ambassador. There are very few bars that I will eat and I have always loved KIND® bars. They offer over 50 different tasty and healthy snacks and are on a mission to make the world a little kinder, one act at a time. I am excited to be a part of the KIND® movement.

My personal favorites are the Dark Chocolate Almond & Coconut bar and the Pressed by Kind Cherry Apple Chia.

The weather has been so rough this Spring. I try and get Logan outside on the few days the weather has cooperated. Golden Gardens Park and Beach is a favorite of ours and right by our house.

On Saturday, we celebrated our friends Scott and Courtney getting legally married. They had a little ceremony in Pioneer Square and then we brunched at Loulay. While I will likely be giving birth this week, they are off to St. Lucia for a bigger destination wedding.

Our weekend ended at the Mariners game. Baseball isn’t my favorite sport but I did have a good time at the game. I even paid attention the last inning as the game came down to the last few plays!

Stay tuned for lots of tulips photos coming soon…


The bump days are numbered…

Dress // Shoes // Bag

Tomorrow is the official two week countdown to my due date! I’ve mentioned on here before how the first part of this pregnancy was tougher than my first. I felt sick more and the exhaustion was tougher to deal with in my first trimester this second pregnancy. Fast forward to the last month and I feel better this second time around. My heartburn isn’t as bad, the sleep has been better and the official waddle hasn’t set in completely. Now, I just pray the delivery is easier this time around 🙂

Knowing this might be my last pregnancy, I will really miss my bump. Of course, I can’t wait for our son to join us but there is something special about being pregnant. I will miss feeling those ninja kicks and nightly parties in my belly.  Sharing a few bump photos today in the dress I plan to wear home from the hospital. I won’t be wearing heels leaving the hospital and probably won’t look this put together. This non-maternity dress will be a comfy wear home look.

It has become hard to find the time to post regularly on the blog. Once baby #2 arrives, I know that will become even harder. Sharing some snaps from the past week. Ryan took a few days off this weekend and we even got some kid free time at our friends’ wedding. You know you don’t get away much when you come home and your husband says “I feel like we were on vacation today.”



Prepping for Baby #2

Dress // Shoes // Necklace // Earrings

Not sure if the title prepping for baby #2 is appropriate since I don’t feel quite ready. I am down to three weeks to my due date and it still seems unreal we will become a family of four soon. The photos above are from our backyard and my attempt to get a good photo of Logan. He had other plans to run around the yard so these are the best we could capture. We tried!


I want to start sharing more candids from my daily life so I will have something to look back on. Below are snaps from our daily life since my last post over a week ago.

Big Life Change…

Terez leggings // Lululemon tank // Brooks Running shoes

“I always trust my gut reaction; it’s always right.” – Kiana Tom

Following your gut is hard and scary sometimes. I believe that timing is not always right to make a big change in life. If there is something you are passionate about or a part of your life you are unhappy in, realize only you can make things change. The change might be slow, challenging and take time but it’s always possible. One of my favorite blog posts about taking chances and believing in yourself is here in case you missed it from last summer.

A few weeks ago on my Instagram, I hinted at some life changes coming to our family soon. I have received so many calls and texts from friends thinking we are having twins, moving to a new state or that we even won the lottery. As much as I wish the lottery was our secret, it isn’t.  I probably hyped up the excitement behind our news but that’s how excited I am.

Ryan is changing his career path and taking a big leap of faith. It’s a calculated leap of faith though — don’t worry! Most of you know that Ryan went to law school at the University of Arizona and has been practicing law the past five years. What some might not know, is that tennis has always been a huge part of his life. His Dad is a tennis professional and he spent his childhood at tennis clubs and playing competitive tennis. He was a high ranked junior and went on to play college tennis. We met at North Carolina State and I am more than thankful tennis brought him from Kentucky so we had the opportunity to meet 🙂

Even during his law school years, he helped coached the Arizona men’s tennis team as a Graduate Assistant Coach. It didn’t stop there either. We moved to Seattle and while Ryan was studying to take the Washington State Bar, he started working part-time at Seattle Tennis Club. He would work his legal job during the week and then work a day or two teaching on the weekends. He also started the Seattle Tennis Association and Seattle Pro League last summer. If you live in Seattle and love to watch high level tennis, the Seattle Pro League will start its season again this summer. He hopes to keep growing this league and I hope to help make it the social event it is in many East coast cities.

The downside to this was he hasn’t been around a lot to see Logan. An opportunity recently opened up at Seattle Tennis Club that made Ryan reevaluate his career path.  We talked extensively about what our life was going to look like 10 years down the road if he stayed in the legal world and what it would look like if he left to pursue something in a industry he is so passionate about. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, financially it doesn’t seem like you can take that risk or follow what you really want. This time, it’s like all the puzzle pieces were fitting together perfectly.

While I know Ryan is so happy, I am beyond happy to have him around for more family time. We will be a family of four soon and I will need all the help I can get chasing two boys around! We never would have imagined five years ago, we would both have jobs in the sports and fitness world. Two kids later, wow things have changed.




Thanks to Molly for taking all the leggings and Logan photos! Thanks to Terez for sending the leggings! I love all their fun prints!!

Baby Showering with Kendra Scott

Dress // Necklace // Mason Necklace // Sandals // Earrings // Ring // Bracelet

Happy Monday loves! This past weekend was filled with lots of family and friend time. We watched a lot of basketball and even got to spend some time outside Sunday when the sun decided to to make an appearance in Seattle.

Today, I am sharing our fun baby shower from over a week ago. It was perfection! It was a joint shower with my beautiful blogger friends Kusum and Angie. It is always so fun to share your pregnancy journey with friends.

Kendra Scott allowed us to take over the Bellevue store for our afternoon shower. It was complete with cute decor, sweet treats, and our beautiful friends. At the end of the party, the three mama-to-bes made a piece of jewelry from the Colorbar. When I saw the “Mason” necklace, I knew it was meant to be and quickly decided on this one. Love how it turned out with the clear stones! I am wearing it layered with another necklace in the above photos!



Photography: Missy Palacol


Thanks so much to Kendra Scott, Missy Palacol Photography, First and Bloom Florals, Fresh cosmetics and Ziko coconut water for providing complimentary product and services to help celebrate!


Another look at my “Mason” necklace…

Babymooning in Tucson…

My Outfit: Sweater (still available in black) // Denim // Sandals (similar) // Earrings || Logan’s Outfit: t-shirt (similar) // hoodie // denim // shoes (similar)

After surviving the plane ride with a toddler, we were thankful to be in Tucson! Our first stop off the plane was In-n-out burger to grab a quick bite before heading to our hotel, the Westin La Paloma. When Ryan was in law school, their annual gala was held at this beautiful hotel so it always brings back the memories and I love it so much. The views from the property overlooking the Catalina Mountains are beautiful and it has a swim-up bar, a water slide and even an adult only pool. Our first night, we went over to some friends for dinner. Logan was running on fumes but he managed to stay entertained. I think it helped they have a little girl just a few months older than him. They made carne asada and we had a little taco bar. It was the perfect welcome back to Tucson night and made me realize how much I miss Mexican food. The view from our room wasn’t too bad either!

My Outfit: Dress // Sandals // Earrings || Logan’s Outfit: t-shirt // bathing suit

Our first full day we slept until our toddler alarm woke us up around 7am.  We spent the morning hiking a part of Finger Rock Trail (see more photos here) and then came back to the hotel to spend the rest of the day at the pool. Logan needed a nap but we knew he wouldn’t take one in the room. We took a stroller walk around the hotel property until he fell asleep. He stayed asleep in the stroller for about 40 minutes. Any nap is better than nothing.

My Outfit: Dress // Sandals (similar) // Earrings // Bracelets || Logan’s Outfit: t-shirt // hoodie // shorts // shoes

After an afternoon at the pool, we went back to the room to get ready for dinner. We wanted to stay close to the hotel this night so we went to another one of our Tucson favorite, Blanco. I forgot how much I loved the ambience of this restaurant and it is super kid friendly.

My Outfit: Sweatshirt // Shorts // Shoes // Earrings

On our last day, we let our toddler alarm clock wake us again. We drove over to campus early and spent the morning walking around. We went to get a little gear at the book store, walked through the mall area and ended our tour showing Logan the tennis courts his daddy used to help coach on. On the way back to the hotel, we took a quick detour to see our old house and snapped a quick photo.

My Outfit: Pool Cover-up // Sandals // Earrings // necklace // sunglasses || Logan’s Outfit: t-shirt // shorts

We spent our last afternoon at the pool soaking in as much sun and warmth as we could. My friend Gina and her family came up for the afternoon and it was so good to see her. Her little girls are so precious. It has rained everyday since we have been back in Seattle so I am so thankful we decided to plan this last minute trip.

Our dinner plans were to go to Guadalajara Grill for dinner but since Logan was running on no minutes of a nap, we opted for take-out from them. Three nights in Tucson equaled three Mexican dinners and I couldn’t have been happier. I think I had forgotten how beautiful Tucson is and we are hoping to make this an annual family trip for the next few years while the kids are young. If you are planning a trip to Tucson, let me know and I’ll be glad to share more of favorites.