Dab On

Dab On

Life has been crazy over the past few weeks. There are still boxes around the house to unpack from the move. We still don’t have much furniture. Even with all that, I couldn’t be happier with our new house. I love our neighborhood. Everyone is friendly and there are always people out walking rain or shine. Rain seriously stops no one here. Neighborhood family walks have become a regular on the weekend. The water and mountain views always make me take a second to stop and reflect on how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. I grew up in North Carolina and that state will always have a special place in my heart. There is something about the Pacific Northwest though that makes me realize we might be here to stay. Now that I have my Patagonia puffer jacket, I feel like a true Pacific Northwester.



Our backyard view makes me happy. Sumo hasn’t had the chance to enjoy it yet because the weather has been rainy. We can’t wait to unleash him back there and watch him run his signature figure 8 crazy circles.


Since I got the ok to workout, life just seems better. I have started back slow with only Pilates and tennis.  I have no plans to start any intense cardio or strength training for a while. Overall, my body feels really good but wow my core strength seems no where to be found.


Now that we have space in our new house, I am turning our guest room into a home studio. I bought a used reformer and have the space set-up with the new purchase. I have a few clients I am teaching private lessons to now. My plan is to add a murphy bed for our guests but keep the room open so I can hold small mat classes in the space.



Yesterday, I finally got the chance to get my hair cut and colored. My hairdresser let me bring Logan along and I was beyond thankful. This is when I really wish we had family around to watch Logan for a few hours. He was really good till the end. Nothing a little boob couldn’t contain! On that note, breastfeeding is finally going well. I still plan to share my breastfeeding story soon. I feel like I have so many thoughts, advice and opinions I want to share.


My little man is going to be four months on Friday. He is quite the active young fella and he keeps me busy. I am still studying to get my personal training license. Nothing like waiting to the last minute… Might be a little silent on the blogging for a few more weeks so I can focus on studying.

I should also add I am thankful none of our neighbors have ripped down our Panthers flag we have flying on our house. Hopeful, they continue to dab on to the Superbowl. #keeppounding


2 thoughts on “Dab On

  1. Asa

    Your neighborhood looks gorgeous. That’s something that I love about living in the city. Congrats on your new home. That is so exciting! I’ve read through a couple of your post, and am sorry that you had a tough deliver/post recovery. I hope you’re back at 100 percent soon. I would love for us to connect in person. I will shoot you an email in a few weeks or so.


    1. theblondegiraffe Post author

      Thanks!! Never thought we would love the Pacific Northwest like we do but its so beautiful here! Yes please shoot me an email soon and would love to meet you!

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