Diablo Lake

Diablo Lake

Diablo Lake

Y’all when I say there is no shortage of fabulous day trips in the Northwest, it’s the truth. We had seen a lot of photos of Diablo Lake on the internet and it was on the top of my list of places to see.

After some research on the WTA.org site, the plan for our Diablo Lake trip was to drive up to the lookout, hike the Thunder Knob trail and end the day with a picnic. Well — life with two under two never goes as planned. We made it to the lookout after almost three hours in the car. We knew lunch needed to be next on our list. We drove back down the mountain to the hike trailhead. The trailhead also happened to be at a campground/picnic area. Almost all the photos above were taken at the Colonial Creek Campground. After nursing Mason and eating our picnic lunch, we reevaluated all our moods. We decided it was best to pass on the hike and just hang out at the campground. We let Logan run around and play by the water. Hopefully, there will be a future visit and we can do the hike! It was still a perfect Pacific Northwest day trip!

If you are planning a trip to the area, I suggest making a stop at the Colonial Creek campground. Even though we cancelled the hike, we heard the Thunder Knob Trail had the best views out of all the area hikes. Everyone told us these views were better than the Diablo Lake trail.

How perfect was my Terez outfit for the bright blue Diablo Lake?!

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All you have to do for this view below is stop at the overlook from the highway!





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