Finding Nemo // Seattle Aquarium

Finding Nemo // Seattle Aquarium

Last week, Logan and I ventured downtown to the Seattle Aquarium. I didn’t have high expectations for the aquarium. The building isn’t big. There is also a lot of construction going on in the area, so the parking options weren’t abundant. We ended up parking in a city lot down the street for $4.00 an hour. Overall, I left less than impressed with the actual aquarium. I did have great time catching up with my friend and her little one.









The one thing that sets this aquarium apart was the fact it is right on the water. Some of the viewing for the seal exhibit is outside overlooking the Pudget Sound. There was a big touch and feel exhibit that I am sure will be fun when Logan gets a little older. Logan did seem to really enjoy the fish tanks with the bright colors.



I was impressed with the food pricing in the aquarium cafeteria. My intention was to pack a lunch. Per usual, I was rushed to get out the door and that didn’t happen. I ordered the clam chowder and half of caesar salad. It was under $10.00. For Seattle food prices, that is a really good. The soup was really good and the dressing on the salad was amazing. Is it bad I was most impressed with my food during my visit?

I haven’t been to tons of aquariums over the years but the Baltimore aquarium seems to always stand out in my mind. I went there when I was really young but it still leaves a big memory in my mind. On our weekend trip to Vancouver last year, we visited their aquarium in Stanly Park. I liked that aquarium much better than Seattle.

If you are in town visiting. I do recommend getting the city pass. Take a stroll through the aquarium. It’s convenient for tourists and can be done in just a few hours. As a local, this won’t be a place we go often. I’m opting to spend lots of time this summer at the Woodland Park Zoo!

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