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We had planned to attend two Halloween parties over the weekend. As usual, I waited until the last minute to put together outfits. I was determined not to spend much money and use what we had at home. We normally take Logan out in the stroller but for the Halloween parties I figured it would be easier to carry him in the K’tan. I am really happy with the K’tan. You don’t have to tie the fabric like a lot of other cloth carriers. It comes with an instruction pamphlet that breaks down step by step how to wear it. Logan still can’t hold up his head so we can’t carry him in many of the options yet. I decided to plan our outfits around the fact I would be wearing him in the black K’tan.

Friday night, we attended the Halloween party in our building. Since there are not many kids in our building, Logan got lots of attention from his cuteness. Saturday morning, we ventured to Americana to meet a group of friends for brunch. As our days become numbered living in Capitol Hill, I am realizing how much I am going to miss walking just outside or across the street for a great restaurant.  After brunch, Ryan left for work and Courtney came over to hang out. Courtney is so good with Logan so I let her spend most of the day holding him. When Ryan got home, we made dinner. Then Logan’s fussiness was taken to a new level. He would not stop crying. He cried and cried. Nothing worked to calm him. At some point, I knew he had to cry himself to sleep but that didn’t happen for a few more hours. We were supposed to go to Helena’s annual Halloween party but with Logan’s nonstop meltdown, we decided to stay here. Finally, he cried himself to sleep about 9pm and was out until 2am.

Sunday was uneventful. I got my usual vanilla latte from Cafe Solstice and spent the day decluttering our tiny living space. Ryan worked at the tennis club that afternoon. We ended the weekend with the new Walking Dead episode. Such a boring episode! I need to know what is going to happen with Rick now?!

It’s another gloomy and rainy day in Seattle. Trying to drink some hot tea to get me motivated for the week!

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