Keeping Focus

Keeping Focus

Keeping Focus

“Your reality becomes what you focus on so focus on what you really want.” – The Blonde Giraffe


FOCUS. Focus is something that I’m making sure to incorporate into every aspect of my life. I feel like I often over commit to everything in my life. In a world where we are so connected it’s so hard not to. I realize as a mom, my time is more precious than ever and I don’t want to waste time on things that are not important to me. I want to make sure I am spending time on what is going to create the life I want.


Making lists and goal setting is the best way to keep your focus. I am the worst planner sometimes but realize in order to keep focus I have to keep working to change this.


As far as my career as a work at home mom, I am making sure Logan is my number one priority during the day and trying to take care of my business ventures and crazy ideas at night after he goes to bed. I realize what really makes me happy is teaching fitness. While I love to try new workouts and mixing up my workout routines, I am really trying to focus my teaching to only Pilates right now. Pilates has changed my life so much and there is so much for me to learn. I am thankful I am teaching somewhere that offers childcare. Logan and I get out of the house and I get that adult social interaction that I so need. Staying home with a baby can wear on you mentally and I realize that I need to focus on getting out of the house as much as possible.


Brooks Running Outfit (c/o):  Sports Bra // Running Tights // Trail Running Shoes

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen these Brooks running tights are on regular rotation. They are my go to tights and I will be wearing them on our cross country flight home tomorrow. I am also loving this new sports bra. How cute is the back that you can change up?! The shoes are trail running shoes but I have been wearing them to run on the track and to teach in because I love the colors.



6 thoughts on “Keeping Focus

    1. theblondegiraffe Post author

      It’s so hard to stay focused! I’m trying to make sure every decision I make personally or professionally is what is best for me!!

  1. Sarah A.

    You are an inspiration to me. I am a bad planner too and easily distracted ( to think I’m not a mom yet) . having read this one i felt like I have to be more focus than distracted. And being active both social and physical fitness means that I can be do more than one thing and in time will the get the focus that I needed with what’s going in my life. Thank you again 🙂

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