Big Life Change…

Big Life Change…

Big Life Change…

Terez leggings // Lululemon tank // Brooks Running shoes

“I always trust my gut reaction; it’s always right.” – Kiana Tom

Following your gut is hard and scary sometimes. I believe that timing is not always right to make a big change in life. If there is something you are passionate about or a part of your life you are unhappy in, realize only you can make things change. The change might be slow, challenging and take time but it’s always possible. One of my favorite blog posts about taking chances and believing in yourself is here in case you missed it from last summer.

A few weeks ago on my Instagram, I hinted at some life changes coming to our family soon. I have received so many calls and texts from friends thinking we are having twins, moving to a new state or that we even won the lottery. As much as I wish the lottery was our secret, it isn’t.  I probably hyped up the excitement behind our news but that’s how excited I am.

Ryan is changing his career path and taking a big leap of faith. It’s a calculated leap of faith though — don’t worry! Most of you know that Ryan went to law school at the University of Arizona and has been practicing law the past five years. What some might not know, is that tennis has always been a huge part of his life. His Dad is a tennis professional and he spent his childhood at tennis clubs and playing competitive tennis. He was a high ranked junior and went on to play college tennis. We met at North Carolina State and I am more than thankful tennis brought him from Kentucky so we had the opportunity to meet 🙂

Even during his law school years, he helped coached the Arizona men’s tennis team as a Graduate Assistant Coach. It didn’t stop there either. We moved to Seattle and while Ryan was studying to take the Washington State Bar, he started working part-time at Seattle Tennis Club. He would work his legal job during the week and then work a day or two teaching on the weekends. He also started the Seattle Tennis Association and Seattle Pro League last summer. If you live in Seattle and love to watch high level tennis, the Seattle Pro League will start its season again this summer. He hopes to keep growing this league and I hope to help make it the social event it is in many East coast cities.

The downside to this was he hasn’t been around a lot to see Logan. An opportunity recently opened up at Seattle Tennis Club that made Ryan reevaluate his career path.  We talked extensively about what our life was going to look like 10 years down the road if he stayed in the legal world and what it would look like if he left to pursue something in a industry he is so passionate about. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, financially it doesn’t seem like you can take that risk or follow what you really want. This time, it’s like all the puzzle pieces were fitting together perfectly.

While I know Ryan is so happy, I am beyond happy to have him around for more family time. We will be a family of four soon and I will need all the help I can get chasing two boys around! We never would have imagined five years ago, we would both have jobs in the sports and fitness world. Two kids later, wow things have changed.




Thanks to Molly for taking all the leggings and Logan photos! Thanks to Terez for sending the leggings! I love all their fun prints!!

10 thoughts on “Big Life Change…

  1. Dawn

    Sarah…this is really just so awesome!! I really love this time we live in, that we are encouraged to follow our passions and make our priorities, OUR priorities not those of others! Wishing Ryan and your sweet little family the best!! xoxo

  2. Jane Davidson

    WOW! Oh my gosh that is so exciting! I am a big believer in following your passions and the success will come. I am so excited for your family! I will definitely come to an event this summer!

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