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Mom Groups

Mom Groups


Having your first child is such a big life event. It’s an exciting, exhausting, and scary time. I remember coming home from the hospital not having a clue what to do when I had Logan almost two years ago. I quickly realized you need a network of support to help guide you through the unknown of caring for an infant and raising a child.

Some moms are fortunate enough to have that supportive network of friends and family that become new moms around the same time. When Logan arrived we were still new to Seattle and didn’t have that network. My doctor suggested I take some of the hospital prenatal classes they offered. We signed up for a childbirth class and breastfeeding class. It was during this class I realized there is so much support for new moms in Seattle. We even made some friends in the class!

My biggest piece of advice for new moms is to find a mom’s group. I know every city and community have different organizations and groups that provide this support.  I joined two groups. One was through my hospital that I started attending two week postpartum for eight weeks. I also joined a moms only PEPS group. I started attending my PEPS group a little later and we met for twelve weeks. With both groups, all our kids were within a few months of each other. It was the perfect resource for a new mom and you meet other amazing moms in the community.

My PEPS group makes an effort to get together once a month. This month we met up for a little backyard outdoor water fun. It is so much fun to see how all the kids have grown. I love taking Logan somewhere to expend all the energy too!

Even though I decided not to join any groups with Mason, I am beyond thankful for all the moms in both groups.

Thanks to KIND® snacks for providing some yummy snacks for all the mamas and kiddos! The kiddos especially loved the pressed by kind fruit bars!

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