Prenatal Arm Workout

Prenatal Arm Workout

Prenatal Arm Workout

Working out when you are pregnant is sometimes the last thing on your mind. When that baby arrives, you will need all the arm strength you can get carrying around a baby and moving a car seat from place to place. I’m sharing one of my go-to home arm workouts. Repeat each of the 10 exercises for 25 reps using light weights. The workout should take you less than 15 minutes to complete but don’t rush through your reps. I use 3lb weights. Use less if you need, to but I wouldn’t use more than 5lbs. You can find my set of weights here. I use the exercise ball in the first 3 exercises but if you don’t have one, you can complete these standing. This is also a great quick arm workout for those not pregnant too!


Thanks to Brooks Running for the workout gear! The tank is longer and stretchy making it a great bump friendly option. The leggings are lightweight, low rise and fit right right under the bump. Excited I will be able to wear this outfit post baby too!




14 thoughts on “Prenatal Arm Workout

  1. Paige S

    Interesting, I’ve never even thought about this! I’m clueless when it comes to stuff like this. Will pass this on to any of my mom-to-be friends.

  2. ellie

    I’ll have to let my Mom-to-be friends know about this as well. This is such a good post and so helpful, I held my Friends baby for 30 minutes the other day and bottle fed her too and the next day I could barely move my arms they were so sore! and at first I remember thinking “my gosh she’s so light!” lol.


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