Rattlesnake Lake

Rattlesnake Lake

Rattlesnake Lake


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It’s crazy I never had the urge to visit Seattle until I was flown out out for a job interview. I wasn’t too serious at the time about accepting a job and was more excited about exploring a new city. We stayed the weekend after I interviewed and immediately fell in love with Seattle. Something told us we needed to leave North Carolina. We listened to our hearts and moved cross country almost three years ago.

Seattle gets a bad reputation for the weather. The winters are grey and wet but as I have said before, the summer and scenery make up for it all! You don’t even have to leave the city to hike or be by the water. I love the active outdoor lifestyle that is the really the culture here. The icing on the cake is all the day trips and beautiful places that are only a short car ride away.

Rattlesnake Lake is one of the nearby gems. When my parents were in town last month, we ventured and made a half day trip. We drove about 45 minutes east in the cold and rainy weather. The weather was not the best so we opted for a quick venture to Rattlesnake Lake. Afterwards, we went into nearby North Bend for lunch at the North Bend Bar and Grill for a delicious brunch. All these photos are from Rattlesnake Lake and there is no hiking needed to access this gorgeous scenery. If you drive a little past the Rattlesnake Ridge trailhead, you can park and walk a short distance down to the lake. If you are feeling active and the weather is nicer, I would recommend the hike. It was the first hike we completed in Seattle. If you don’t like crowds, I would advise going really early. This trail has become so popular being so close to the city.

The sun is shining today getting me excited for the warmer weather ahead!


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