Soccer Shots Seattle – Fall Season 2017

Soccer Shots Seattle – Fall Season 2017

Soccer Shots Seattle – Fall Season 2017

Sports were an important part of mine and my husband’s life growing up. My husband played tennis in college, coached as a graduate assistant in law school and is back in sports with his career.  We certainly don’t want to force our kids to play sports but want them to be exposed to as many sports as possible. We will let our children decide what sports they want to continue playing as they get older. Hopefully, they will share our love of playing and watching sports.

Logan started Soccer Shots this Fall and this Saturday morning ritual has been one the family looks forward to every week.  Logan learned and loves to say toe-tap, toe-touch and airplane when he sees a soccer ball.  Most importantly, Soccer Shots has helped Logan learn to listen and follow directions.

I can not say enough great things about Coach Victor and Soccer Shots Seattle. Ryan was working a lot of practice mornings. I was there solo, baby wearing an infant, and attempting to get Logan to listen. Logan normally lost all attention span at the 20 minute mark and Coach Victor ended up carrying him around the remainder of the time.The practices last thirty minutes and that is the perfect amount of time for this age.









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