Stroller Barre Booty and Leg Workout

Stroller Barre Booty and Leg Workout

Stroller Barre Booty and Leg Workout

Mom life doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice working out. During this pregnancy, most of my workouts have been barre. It’s great to have barre3 so close to my house that offers childcare. It just isn’t practical I can make it there or to a gym everyday.

I put together this booty and leg burner stroller barre workout. In most of the moves, I try to keep the stroller moving. I have a fourteen month old that would rather be walking so keeping the stroller moving is necessary to avoid his meltdown. Some moves you will have to perform twice to cover each side of the body. I have broken down each move in detail below. This has been a great prenatal leg and booty workout for me!

Moving Sumo Squats

Start in a standing position with right hand on the stroller. You will step your right foot towards the stroller into a sumo squat position. Feet will be slightly turned out. You slide the right foot back to starting position and that is 1 rep. Repeat 15 full reps and on the last rep stay down in sumo squat and begin 15 one inch pulses. REPEAT other side with left hand on stroller and left leg leading into sumo squat position.



Mini Squat Thigh Burners

Start facing the stroller with both hands on the stroller handle. Feet are hip distance apart and parallel. Lift heels off the ground and and you will be up on your toes. Bend the knees down to where you feel a challenge. Begin reps by lowering down to where seat is slightly still above the knees. The stroller will push out a little. Lift back up to the original position and bring the stroller back in to the starting position. Complete 30 reps. Complete one 15 second hold to finish move.



Knee Lift Booty Blaster

Start facing the stroller with both hands on the stroller. Feet are hip distance apart and parallel. Bend right knee up to chest to begin. Right leg lowers and lifts behind you working to keep hips square. Stroller will move out as leg transitions to the back. Once leg is parallel with ground, pull leg back in to starting position with knee lifted into chest. Repeat 15 reps. End with 15 one inch pulses with leg extended out behind. REPEAT OTHER SIDE



Booty Pulses

Start facing the stroller with both hands on the stroller. Feet are hip distance apart and parallel. Place small exercise ball in bend in knee keeping a slight squeeze on the ball.  Lift leg back behind you up a few inches from your starting position. Move stroller out just a little bit each rep. Complete 30 reps. REPEAT OTHER SIDE



Moving Flat Back Chair

Start facing the stroller with both hands on the stroller. Feet are hip distance apart and parallel. Back is flat and knees are slightly bend. Keeping back flat, bend knees into a sitting chair position. Drop seat to slightly above knee level. Stroller will move out slightly as you drop seat down. Lift back up to starting position. 15 full reps + 15 pulses (drop seat down for one inch pulses).



Moving Lunges

Start facing the stroller with both hands on the stroller handle. Feet are hip distance apart and parallel. Take right leg and lunge back remembering to keep the knee tracking in line with the hip. Make sure the knee on the standing leg doesn’t track in front of ankle. Hips stay square and back flat. Stroller will move a little or option to keep it stationary. Complete 15 full reps + 15 pulses (one inch pulses in lunge position). REPEAT OTHER SIDE.



Photography: Jenna Lynn Photog

Outfit: Brooks Running Top (c/o) / Brooks Running LSD Thermal Vest (c/o) / Brooks Running Greenlight Tights (c/o) / Brooks Running PureFlow 5 (c/o)

Try a round of this workout after a run or complete 3 rounds for your workout. Always remember, any workout is better than nothing. Mom life means multitasking!! After the workout, it’s time to play!








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