The Caymans

The Caymans

The Caymans


Traveling with kids is exhausting and there were times during our flights we questioned if all the hours of travel were worth it. At the end of the trip, we both agreed every bit of exhaustion and travel stress was worth the memories with our family. Logan was in heaven at the beach and had the time of his life on the trip.

Our trip got off to a bit of a rocky start with Mason not feeling well. The night before we left, Mason a slight fever and cough. I decided to contact my doctor office nurse line to make sure we were still good to travel. After I let the nurse listen to his breathing and cough, she advised us to come in to urgent care or the ER to get him checked. We went to urgent care and he was diagnosed with croup and given a dose of steroids for his distressed breathing and cough. The doctor said we were fine traveling and he would probably be back to normal in a few days. The next day he sounded much better and we made the decision to take the trip. Mason was a little lethargic the first few days of our trip but it ended up working out ok. I was able to focus on him and basically baby wear him 24/7. He slept a lot and was content being held.



We stayed in a condo at Morritt’s.  My inlaws have a timeshare so we went on the trip with them. Morritt’s is located on the east end of the island which is more quiet and laid back. I see why they enjoy their time here and return yearly.

Most of the hotels and resorts are concentrated closer to the airport on Seven Mile Beach. Seven Mile Beach is beyond gorgeous and if you don’t stay here, you must take a day trip.



On vacation, I don’t like crowds so we tend to partake in adventures that are aren’t super touristy. We are also an extremely active family so we like to do fun adventures that keep us moving. We spent a half day at Cemetery Beach on Seven Mile. It was beautiful and this part of Seven Mile wasn’t crowded. It is not a crowded beach and there are no chairs provided to sit in or places to buy food at the beach. Bring a picnic and spend some time here — you won’t regret the pictures you take or the snorkeling you get to do here. All the photos below are from our time at Cemetery Beach. The blue water was out of the world!!

We also spent some time at Rum Point Beach. Make sure to check if a cruise ship is coming in that day because it can get really crowded. If you go at an off time like we did, you can get some great seats right by the water. They have food stands to buy food. We made sure to indulge in some Rum Punch and french fries! Ryan and my in-laws spent time snorkeling — I’m not a snorkeler so I basically wore Mason, relaxed and walked around on the beach.

Other Ideas for Cayman Adventures:

  • Explore downtown Georgetown.
  • Sting Ray City
  • Snorkel — so many places to snorkel here
  • Check out other beaches
  • Check out the restaurants – I would have loved to do more of this but not as practical or relaxing with young kids. We passed so many cute restaurants on the water with awesome looking ambiance!

WHERE TO EAT: With two little ones under 3, we didn’t go out to eat much on our trip. We got groceries for most of our breakfasts and some of our lunches. For dinners and other lunches, our resort had restaurants to dine in or take out. Logan is 2.5 years old and doesn’t nap anymore so going out to dinner was unpredictable at best. Had Mason felt better, we probably would have ventured out more on this trip. We did go out to a late lunch on our last day to Tukka Restaurant. It was happy hour, awesome laid back vibes and on the water. They even had corn hole and some swings overlooking the water.

All the travel time was well worth it. I am missing the morning walks to get coffee and the nightly sunsets on the beach.

….now I am just sharing my favorite swimsuits below. Some of my outfits are linked at the end of the post.


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