Overwhelmed #Monday Thoughts

Overwhelmed #Monday Thoughts

Overwhelmed #Monday Thoughts

Dress // Sandals (similar) // Earrings (similar)

Overwhelmed and all over the place — that is me right now. I think I was stressed when Logan was born and the addition of two has increased that to a new level. Both babies were sleeping so I sat down at my computer to pay bills, organize my life and hopefully write a blog post for a home workout I filmed last week. After ten minutes of not being able to concentrate, I stopped to do a thirty minute Pilates workout. I’m back at my computer now with hopes of being refocused. Guess what – I’m really not.

After our hiking adventure this weekend, I came back inspired and ready to take on so many new projects. Today that motivation is all gone again and I’m not sure why. I think it’s because we didn’t leave the house Sunday. We were all tired and needed to rest. There are some days this is needed. I speak a lot on my Instagram about making sure I get out of the house daily. There are so many days as a stay at home mom that it seems so much easier to just stay home. By 5:00, I am normally regretting that decision. I’m trying to embrace the crazy of getting two kids fed, dressed and ready to leave the house. It’s exhausting to pack up and remember every thing you might need for a family outing. I always feel that sigh of relief when we are all loaded in the car and off somewhere. We might not stay out long and I might forget things we need but it’s a learning curve.

A change of scenery is all you need sometimes. I took these photos on a recent day trip we took to the Olympic Peninsula. I wanted Logan to be in some of these photos but he was too busy frolicking around in circles and being a toddler.

A note to all the Moms out there – you got this!!!



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