Slowly Recovering

Slowly Recovering

I hoped to be blogging about my postpartum active lifestyle and workouts by now. Logan is two months and I haven’t healed enough to work out.

As I have shared, one of my biggest fears going into childbirth was the possibility of needing a c-section for a few different reasons. One reason was the recovery time. Looking back now, a c-section recovery doesn’t seem too bad.

The first week after Logan’s arrival was by far the hardest for many reasons including pain, breastfeeding and lack of sleep. However, I was already out taking walks and excited about getting back into my active lifestyle. Fast forward to my six week check-up. I felt ok but wasn’t cleared to workout and didn’t feel 100%. Two weeks and I would be healed I thought. This did not happen. For me, it got worse. Two months postpartum and I feel worse than I did one week after.  I went back to the doctor last week and it didn’t go too well. The good news is that there is an end in sight. I am scheduled for a outpatient procedure tomorrow morning to remove granulation tissue. I am nervous but ready to be back to feeling 100%. I did have a mini breakdown in the doctors office when she told me about the procedure. The first thought that came to my mind was “I want my mom.”  Then my next thought was “how I am going to get here for the procedure and who will take care of Logan?” Living far from family is especially hard in times like this. My friend Amy is taking me tomorrow and going to take care of Logan. I couldn’t be more thankful. I am also thankful for an amazing doctor and her staff. Her nurse held my hand during my office meltdown and I really needed that. I went and picked up my medication today and I’m ready for tomorrow to be behind me.

As usual the weekend went too fast. We did lot of relaxing, hung out at Cafe Solstice, shopped for Thanksgiving essentials and spent time with friends. Logan’s smiles continue to melt my heart and he is starting to smile more and more. I might not be able to workout yet but this just means more snuggles and time with my baby.





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