Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming












Piko Tunic // Hinge Scarf (similar) // Lululemon Leggings // Vince Camuto Booties (similar) // Tory Burch Diaper Bag

Winter weather in Seattle has officially arrived. Means it is time to start breaking out all my blanket scarves, coats, drinking coffee and embracing the grey Seattle winter. As I have mentioned before, everyone keeps telling us last winter was rare. It didn’t rain much and the sterotypical Seattle gloomy and rainy weather never really happened. The last month I got my first taste of what is to come if this winter is typical. I see a lot of Vanilla Lattes and hot tea in the future.

My parents were in town for a long weekend. It was nice to have them here since I spend most of my days talking to a newborn. It seems all I do is feed him and feed him some more. Mom burped him after my feedings and spent lots of time holding him giving me a nice break. There is so much about breastfeeding no one warns you about. It’s exhausting! It wasn’t easy for me at first but I am glad I decided to stick with it and work through my issues. I plan to share my post-partem experience in the hospital and first few days home in a post soon. Stay tuned!

Most of the time my parents were here we let Logan entertain us. Logan is eight weeks now and starting to smile. Talk about melting my heart! Saturday night my parents watched Logan while we went out with friends. We started off with wine & beer at Cafe Solstice then headed to Herb & Bitter to end the night. It was nice to actually get dressed up and head out for drinks for a night. We also spent time looking at houses this weekend. Looks like we will be moving soon. I am excited to be moving to another part of Seattle but I will miss Capitol Hill and our building.

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