Toddler Snacks

Toddler Snacks

Toddler Snacks

Do other Moms feel like the only thing they do is make food, clean up food and then make food again. Some days I feel like all we do it eat but I know it never goes well for us if my toddler gets the least bit hungry. Maybe I should go ahead and call it hangry because it’s never a pretty sight. I never leave the house without the diaper bag stashed full with all our favorite snacks.

When Logan first started eating solids, I was like “I’m going to make everything homemade.” I did a good job with that when all he ate was pureed foods. Now that he is older, we make almost all his meals but when it comes to snacks, I want something easy that requires minimal to no prep work. Today I am sharing our go-to toddler snacks. I love getting ideas from others so please let me know your favorite toddler snacks?!

1. Applesauce and Fruit Pouches

Logan will down an applesauce or a fruit and vegetable pouch within seconds. I try to reserve these for when we are out and about since they are one of the few snacks that don’t create a major mess.

2. Cheese, Fruit & Crackers

We buy the sliced white american cheese slices at the deli. For snack time, grapes or strawberries are usually the fruit that makes the cut. These are some of our favorite crackers.


We recently tried HIPPEAS and let’s just say Logan is beyond obsessed with these. They are organic chickpea puffs that are light and crunchy while high in protein & fiber. They are USDA certified organic, certified gluten-free, vegan, kosher, allergen free, non-GMO, low calorie snacks. They come in six flavors but our favorite flavors are the vegan white cheddar and far our fajita.

4. Graham Crackers

Logan for sure has a sweet tooth and I try not to get in a habit of feeding him graham crackers but he loves them. I always have some in our diaper bag.

5. Smoothies

Logan has a smoothie everyday when he wakes from his nap. I mix them up depending on what ingredients we have on hand. He always drinks his smoothies out of his Chicco sippy cups. We love these cups and they are cute too! The only downside about him drinking a smoothie in the afternoon is he doesn’t always eat a lot for dinner. If we have spinach in the refrigerator, he always gets a green smoothie. Lately, his smoothie has included about a cup of almond milk, 1/2 banana, handful of frozen mangos, one small Chobani yogurt, tablespoon of chia seeds, and a handful of grapes.

6. Pressed by KIND®

These bars are an easy way to add two serving of fruit to your diet, are five ingredients or less and have no added sugar. Our favorite is the Cherry Apple Chia.




2 thoughts on “Toddler Snacks

  1. Bethany

    I love these ideas! My little rarely eats ‘kids’ food but most are all junk. This is the first time I am heard of HIPPEAS. I will have to check that out. Besides pouches we feed our little one about of Larabars on the go.

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