Whistler Nights

Whistler Nights

Whistler Nights

Our time in Whistler was short but we did try and take advantage of being baby free for two nights. The drive Friday took a few hours longer than anticipated. Due to our late arrival we opted to eat at the FireRock restaurant in our hotel for our first night. It was just the ambiance we needed after the drive. The staff was amazing and gave us great recommendations for restaurants, hikes and all things Whistler.


Saturday night, we made reservations at 21 Steps. In case you were wondering, there were 21 steps leading up to the restaurant because I counted them walking in. I highly recommend this restaurant for a date night or with kids. Overall, Whistler is so kid friendly.

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10 thoughts on “Whistler Nights

  1. Kate

    Love your dress! So fun & summery! And what a treat to have a kid-free weekend in Whistler! We are looking forward to getting away to Chicago without kids in October–we can’t wait!

    1. theblondegiraffe Post author

      Thanks!! It was so nice to sleep in a little and only wake up to your own needs for a few days. Have so much fun on your kid free vaca!!

  2. Angie Scheie

    I’m so glad you guys got to do this! Sorry about the crappy traffic though :-(. You look amazing and those shoes are gorgeous. I wonder if I could make it 21 steps in them though lol.

  3. Sarah @ BucketListTummy

    Ah, we JUST got back from a week in Vancouver and spent a few nights in Whistler! We were supposed to have dinner at 21 steps one night, but ended up going somewhere else, but we got cocktails at a place across the street. Whistler was so cute. Loved the gondolas and hiking scene too!

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