Lululemon Motivation

Lululemon Motivation

Lululemon Motivation








This week is flying by. With the weather being so nice here, I have been able to take my workouts outside. Running and Pilates have been my go to workouts the last week. I was doing Pilates everyday but since adding running back in, I have alternated Pilates or running each day. On the days I run, I am trying to make sure I spend some time stretching with the Peak Pilates fitness ring. I love this workout accessory and love that I can lay in the floor watching TV to get my stretching in. As an athlete growing up, flexibility has been something that I have had to invest a lot time in.

Sharing my current favorite Lululemon bra today. Love the back of this bra and it always looks cute layered with tanks or to wear alone.


2 thoughts on “Lululemon Motivation

  1. Heather

    Hot momma! I need to follow your good example and start alternating running and Pilates. Lately it’s just been running as my favorite Pilates instructor is almost 3,000 miles away.

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